Division X: A Company With A Long History

We’ve been developing, hosting, managing, and marketing large e-commerce web sites for corporate and wealthy clients since 1998. Our typical project costs 50K.

That is 19 years of investing in security, speed, and handling ever more complicated technology, sophisticated hackers, and social media so our clients wouldn’t have to.

After 19 years of development we are a start up again!

We are able to bring all of that investment and experience to work for you at a price you can afford.

You may have gone from one host to another and found that they are all offering the same things with different packaging.

We don’t.

Why buy something second-rate when you can afford the best?

We will do everything we can to make you so happy that we will be your elusive last web host.

If it is reliability you are after then we are the verified leader in shared hosting reliability with verified 99.999% uptime for over 3000 days.

If it is speed you are after then we are verified faster than 100% of sites tested by Pingdom.

If it is customer service you are after then check for yourself that after 19 years in business we have 100% customer satisfaction.

That in a nutshell is why you should host your website with us.

Now the sales pitch is over, and you have read this far, you deserve to know who we are and why we are in business in the first place. Back in 1995 I was creating and hosting websites before there was a Yahoo or a Google. I did this because I loved it, but it was not part of my day job as a space scientist.

By 1996 the web had started taking off and I was in demand by family and friends to help them. For free. Of course. I did it even though it because of love for them and the work.

Working for free for friends and family was one of the worst mistakes I ever made.

Just try it and I promise you’ll understand why.

Finally the web work took over and became a business. As a space scientist I was used to a “failure is not an option” philosophy, building failsafes into everything, and getting it done and done right.

I brought that work ethic into my business with me, and the people I hire are the same way.

Many of our clients were big corporations and banks like Sony, and UBS.

We made good money. 500K in profits in our very first year.

That is 19 years of growing the businesses of corporations and the wealthy.

The money was good, but I stopped loving what we’re doing. You know you build a lot of inertia. You feel like you just can’t pack up and do something different because you’ll lose, this, that, or the other.

You lose sight of what you can gain.

When you finally come down to it, you will know what is really stopping you doing anything is you.

The catalyst to our change of course actually came along many years ago. In the mid 2000s a company called Domainia hired us to manage their hosting services. Then just after we started, they promptly declared bankruptcy.

When you have been in business this long, you will get ripped off at some point.

I was so angry at the time but years later I have come to realize they did me a favor without knowing it. Mysterious ways indeed.

We could never leave those people high and dry. We offered their clients free migration to whoever they wanted or we would host their sites. Many of those people took us up on our hosting offer.

Over the years those customers have become friends to us all, and I hope they know they are more than just customers to us. We are a community!

Fast forward to 2013 and the great recession lost us a number of wealthy and corporate clients and it hurt our bottom line.

I realized we were strong because of our small business clients and not the corporations.

It was the universe’s way of sending me a wake up call to say don’t worry about losing. Concern yourself with winning.

I decided I wanted to love working again.

What I really wanted were customers like those from Domainia. People who know and value a good service and actually go out of their way to give you great reviews and tell you how much they appreciate what you do for them.

Three years later and shedding our many corporate and wealthy clients we have reinvented DivisionX as a start up with a long history.

We’re not just a hosting provider. That’s just the first step.

We are bringing 19 years of experience growing businesses for the rich to make those same services affordable by anyone.

My direction in life, and that of DivisionX as a company, is to help everyone build and grow their own ethical businesses.

If you are unemployed or a veteran contact me with proof and we’ll give you 50% discount on our services for a year to get you started. Sorry it is not free, but that is for a reason.

Here are our promises to you:

Every day we will be working to answer your call within 3 rings, or your email within the hour.
If you report a problem we’ll first assume it is our fault and start working on fixing it.
Whatever you are paying, you won’t get a second-rate customer service from us.
We will work hard every day to maintain a service that is “seen and not heard from”.
If a service package doesn’t fit your exact needs, let us know and we’ll make a package especially for you.

Thank you for your time. I hope you will join our community.

Austin, Texas
London, England

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